Our Story


BROOKLYN MEATBALL COMPANY is a fast casual concept focused on Meatballs. It is my hearts desire and passion to bring the homecooked, authentic, Italian flavor of “Sunday Meatballs and Macaroni” to American people EVERYDAY using the best, freshest ingredients at an affordable price. Every meatball is hand rolled, and all meatballs, sauces, dressings & desserts are made in-house from scratch using the finest imported tomatoes, pastas, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar & cheeses from ITALY.

Rather than looking at the Meatball as a mere side dish, BROOKLYN MEATBALL COMPANY fills a void in the market place by recognizing the significance of the Meatball in Italy’s culinary history dating back to ancient Rome. BROOKLYN MEATBALL COMPANY is wholly dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, most delicious Meatball and proudly features different variations of the Meatball as a main course.

The Gist

At BROOKLYN MEATBALL COMPANY you may enjoy your choice of CLASSIC Meatballs (these are the ones Grandma made every Sunday, a generations old family recipe which calls for a blend of veal, beef, pork, & garden fresh herbs baked to perfection); BEEF Meatballs; TURKEY Meatballs; or EGGPLANT Balls. The BEEF, TURKEY, & EGGPLANT balls are all made with the classic recipe, but replacing the veal, beef, & pork blend with the aforementioned ingredients respectively. The EGGPLANT balls contain no meat, are very light and loaded with flavor and are a great choice for vegetarians however I do encourage everyone to try them! For your sauce choose from my “to die for” Joey’s Marinara, Spicy Marinara, Creamy Gorgonzola, or Pesto sauce. Enjoy your meatballs “Saucy” or on a Sub, with a salad, and of course with PASTA. You will see that at Brooklyn Meatball Company you can enjoy meatballs as a light nutritious lunch, snack, or as a mouth watering, comforting, complete delicious meal. Either way Brooklyn Meatball Company is the Ultimate Meatball Experience!

All recipes at Brooklyn Meatball Company are based on the culinary wisdom and love that was instinctive to the beautiful great Grandmothers from the mountains of Italy and passed down to me through my beautiful Grandma Catherine!